Emus are considered to be Australia’s largest birds and second tallest in the world, after the ostrich. But they cannot fly.

Their legs are thin and long. But they are mighty and powerful. Thanks to them, they can develop speed up to 50km/h, even tear apart a metal wire mesh.

They feed on plants and insects. But they can also swallow rocks, pieces of broken glass, or survive without food for weeks. They rarely drink water but when they do, it is in large quantities.

Emus are not a monogamous species. Although battles between females, for a male companion, are not rare. Their eggs are born by the female but they are hatched by the male.

They are birds full of curiosity, with a great interest for humans and other animals. Their lives are characterized by peculiarities. We, respectively, are people full of curiosity and great interest in Emus and everything that is different and special.

Because creativity, is fed on curiosity and uniqueness. Are you curious about the unique?

Dimitris Alexiou 
Creative Director